The ONIVO advertising studio is aiming at the 'nivo', the high level in quality and execution combined with creative solutions, while looking after all aspects of the request of our clients.

We believe that flexibility in our relations will provide a solid base for the efficient cooperation between our clients and us. It is important in our eyes to spend sufficient time and energy for each design, and to develop a more personal contact on the long term.

Advertising is an investment. Although it is sometimes difficult to measure and in many cases it only manifests in indirect ways, we focus on the potential return in this investment. The high-quality and to-the-point creative design is essential harnessing the maximum return. We will find solutions from the basics to the final product delivery with reliable and precise work, and with a professional attitude.

We provide a wide palette of services from the conceptual design to the complete production, including professional printing, web design and hosting, and personalization of marketing items. Our team - consisting of young, dynamic, and creative people - will deliver new and fresh ideas and solution to your needs, from individual to mass produced items.

We deem it essential to find the right solution, and to apply it to the situation while taking the potential time and budget limitations into account. In all cases you can rely on our studio's professional and technical background, extended to selected external firms with outstanding track record.